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How to Make Articles that Sell

There is one golden rule in business. A customer deserves the best. This has been applied by every successful company, from Microsoft to Apple, Google to IBM. Even gambling companies like Bet365 apply this law. In writing industry, when we talk about customers, we talk about our readers. So, if you are concerned enough about them, then its your job to give them what they need. In this case, they deserve a high quality article. For these, Ive compiled some simple steps you can use to make this very special kind of article.

Writing Articles that Sell

First thing to remember: writing articles that sell is not impossible at all. In fact, if you follow my 5 golden steps of writing, you can certainly complete this job with ease.

Pick a topic

The idea is not just for you and your article. Its also for your readers. If you want them to read your article, you better make sure your topic is interesting enough for them to read. So, here is my advice: never pick a topic randomly. Some expert writers usually recommend a preliminary research about which topic you should write about. If I were you, I would do this. Not only it will help me pick the right topic for the article, but also understand my target readers better than before. The research process will tell you many things about your readers, how they think and act, what they need, their problem, and many things else. Based on this, you pick the right topic for your article.


Great! Youve got the topic now. Your topic is the foundation of your article and your article wont be able to stand without it. However, just like a building, in order to stand perfectly, your article needs more than just a topic. Your article need pillars of information that will support the whole article. For these, you need research.

Building your hypothesis

A research will first help you confirm your hypothesis. You got an idea, which you believe people will like it. Thats great, but thats your opinion so far. To prove that, you need to perform a research. Depending on the result, you can develop the idea if you are right or back into square one if youre wrong. In many cases, research will also help you if there is something you missed until this step. Something like a precaution step, many writers say.

Reliable source of information

Most likely, there are a lot of articles similar to your article out there and they have been there longer than yours. That comes the challenge. How can you make people choose your article and not others? By making them find the solution they need in the article. This is when you need a reliable source of information. Only credible information can build trust, one thing you need the most from your readers.

Make a draft

A draft is like a prototype to your final writing. It helps you to see what your final article may look like. You can also learn from mistakes in your draft so your final article wont have the same mistake.


Now, its time for the final article. Youve got the idea, information you need for it, and plenty of lessons you get from your prototype. Youre more than ready for now to write the article.


Youve finally written your article, but it is not ready yet for publishing. Perhaps there are some mistakes you missed in the articles. Revising the article once more will help you track these mistakes and fix them before your readers noticed it.


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